Saying Goodbye Much Too Soon

July 1, 2014 4 comments

Bob Kinney Words & Photos (unless credited)

Nina & Jeff Hugs of Love

Nina & Jeff Hugs of Love

I first met Nina Skrhak’s brother Jeffery Edward Skrhak in the home of son Dennis Kinney and Nina at her birthday party in April 2013.

It was fun getting to know Jeffery and seeing how much love Nina and he had for each other. A favorite photograph I shot on the front porch that day had Jeffery lifting Nina into the air and twirling her around as Dennis watched with a Big Smile. Saw Jeffery only more time before he and soon-to-be spouse Macy moved to outside Dripping Springs south of Austin.

Swirls of Love

Swirls of Love

Dennis called me on Sunday June 22 to tell me Jeff had died in a head-on car crash on Route 290 – a dangerous stretch of highway southwest of Austin that has decades-old narrow lanes and a 70mph speed limit. Jeff’s tire burst and his car swerved across the no barrier centerline and collided head-on with a Honda Pilot SUV. Its driver was also killed and his wife and five-year-old daughter were in serious condition from the crash but are now recovering.

Dennis said Jeff’s funeral would be the next Saturday June 28 at the Heritage Baptist Church at 10am in Georgetown, Texas.

I got off the interstate from Austin and drove past Georgetown High School where both Jeff and Nina graduated on my way to the church. It brought back a moment in our Kinney – Bobeck – Skrhak family history when Dennis introduced Nina to his mom Pat Bobeck and me at an Austin restaurant two Christmases ago. In a moment that foretold Nina and Dennis’ life together – Used to be Texas football contender Westlake HS graduate – a band member for two years & later the “W” in his buddies’ Spirit Band – Dennis noted that Georgetown’s football stadium “was next to a cornfield.” Nina just looked at Dennis and he quickly changed the subject.

I smiled as I drove by the stadium where Jeff played football and Nina was a lead cheerleader.

Yes, I thought – Dennis was right – there is a cornfield next to the stadium and I am driving past it. It brought a smile when I badly needed one.


I delighted seeing wide-open fields with crops, cows, cattle and horses grazing in contentment.

This feeling took me back to my last home in mid-Ohio before I moved to Austin for its music in 1978. I rented a farmhouse from a dairy rancher who kept his pregnant cows at my place. He and his son farmed the 300-acres surrounding my home to grow feed for his cows. It was fun driving ten or so rural miles into the village of Granville, Ohio, every weekday where I did communications for Denison University.

I met up with Dennis and Nina for awhile at the church before they walked into the sanctuary with other family members and sat in the first three rows of pews. I was able to get into a pew behind Dennis where I could put my hand on his shoulder. Dennis was doing the same thing with Nina as she sat with parents and grandparents. Jeff in his casket rested in front of us.

The service had a family feel to it. Jeff’s pastor Craig Curry from First Baptist Church in Dripping Springs opened the service recalling how Jeff first came to his church when he moved from Georgetown to Dripping Springs. Curry spoke of Jeff’s quest to help as many people as he could every day and the iconic hugs Jeff gave out to all who needed it. Noting that Jeff had only been to his church a few times Pastor Curry said he made such an impact on him that he remembers every single time Jeff came to his church.

Heritage Baptist Church Sanctuary

Heritage Baptist Church Sanctuary

Heritage Pastor Don Ledbetter echoed Curry’s tribute to Jeff and his trademark Hug-ability. Jeff first met Heritage when Ledbetter phoned him to ask that he not go mudding with his pickup truck anymore on the church’s crop field. “Jeffery sounded shocked and embarrassed as he said ‘ohhh I didn’t know the field behind the church belonged to the church, too. I promise not to do that again,'” the pastor recalled.

Jeffery was a member of Heritage Baptist Church his whole life, as well as his parents and grandparents. He was also baptized there when he was around ten-years-old.

Bob Kinney Words & Photos (unless credited)

Jeff’s mother Jessie spoke of Jeff as he grew up – loving his younger sister Nina, playing high school football and learning how to work on cars by watching and helping his dad JR.

Dennis Kinney spoke about how he and Jeff bonded over their shared love of cars.

Nina told of Jeff always being there for her whenever she needed something and how she will never meet another person with a heart as big as his.


Jeffery’s funeral procession then headed to the gravesite a few miles away in Weir, Texas. The drive went through cornfields, pastures, newly-planted mobile home developments and past The Weir Store whose roadside sign read “In Loving Memory – Jeffery Skrhak.” A store employee later told the family that the Weir Store received an anonymous phone call asking the sign be placed where the folks in the funeral procession could easily see it as they drove by. Very heartwarming indeed, Nina.

Dennis Kinney Photo

Dennis Kinney Photo

We gathered under a large tent as the burial service began. The wide-open sky above us shifted from cloudy to sunny and back to cloudy during Words of Passage. Jeff and his casket were then carried by his eight pallbearers to his gravesite and we circled around. Jeffery’s best friends put very meaningful items atop the casket like Jeff’s football jersey. Chad put a gold cross necklace that he always wore on the casket.


Dennis Kinney Photo

Dennis Kinney Photo


Nina and Mother Jessie

Nina and Mother Jessie

Jeffery was named after his mother’s younger brother who died by drowning at the age of five. Both Jefferys died on the exact same day June 21. They are now laid to rest beside each other.

Nina & Dennis say Goodbye For Now

Nina & Dennis say Goodbye For Now

Dennis Kinney Photos of folks gathering at the Ramsey Funeral Home the night before the funeral where friends could be with Jeffery

blog jeff DJK photo 3
blog jeff DJK photo 2

Jeffery’s death took me back to when my younger brother Dennis died one day after his 20th birthday in 1971.

Something had been wrong with him for more than a few months and I often drove back home to South Bend to spend sometime with him in his hospital room.

When doctors discovered he had brain cancer, his daughter Melinda had just been born in the same hospital he was in.

Dennis got to go home for some days to be with spouse Susan and Melinda. Soon he was readmitted to the hospital and later died.

The Kinney Family had time to somewhat be prepared for Dennis’ eventual death.

The Skrhak Family did not.

My brother Dennis dancing with our Grandmother - photographer unknown

My brother Dennis dancing with our Grandmother

Ellen Burstyn’s 1980 film “Resurrection” speaks to dying. Ellen is a woman who is on a hospital operating table as doctors try to save her life from injuries received in a fatal car accident that killed her husband.

She finds herself in a dimly-lit tunnel where all her ancestors are gathered to welcome her into eternity. They are dressed in the clothes they wore while on earth.

Jeff waits for us in that tunnel. It’s gonna be a Great Hug.

Brother Dennis is there too as is my dad Robert.

I am still processing what happened at Jeff’s funeral. It helps me to write about it and share it with you.

Kitty Jump & Her Neighbors

Kitty Jump & Her Neighbors

Something happened to me two days after the funeral on Monday morning June 30 that opened a Door of Love and brought me some Peace.

Kitty Jump the cat has lived with me about three years now. Dennis brought her to me when Browny our Dog died. He and Nina got to know Kitty when she was homeless in West Campus.

Something bad must have happened to her on a bed when she was not homeless. She has never jumped up on my bed. We share a spot for loving on the floor below the couch in our living room. She comes to me – makes her Siamese sound for “Give Me Some Lovin’ ” and I gladly do.

When I woke up Monday morning she was asleep beside me on our bed.


Bob Kinney Words & Photos (unless credited)

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“Once There Were Six Seasons” – What we are doing to our World

June 2, 2014 Leave a comment

I first experienced Austin’s eclectic Glass Half Full Theatre’s production of its heartfelt and very timely “Once There Were Six Seasons” puppet theatre performance about Climate Change and its effect on our Global Economy last March when it was in its formative stage.

It was a joy to see it so grown up during its three-weekend show May 22 through July 7, 2014 at Salvage Vanguard Theater here in Austin.

Photo courtesy of Glass Half Full Theatre

Photo courtesy of Glass Half Full Theatre

Written and directed by B. Iden Payne award-winner Caroline Reck – herself a veteran puppeteer with Austin’s Trouble Puppet Theatre troupe – the play explores the economic consequences of Global Warming on locations ranging from a Pacific Ocean island that is drowning in increasingly incessant waves of water (actually billowing blue sheets of plastic) – to a West Texas ranch that is transformed from a productive cattle ranch and thriving supporting farm to a drought-stricken patch of forsaken land where oil rigs finish off the destruction – and, to the fate of two polar bears who frolic on an icecap until it breaks apart and they fall into the sea.

Several parts of the workshop performance – especially a complementary video that was screened simultaneously on a backstage screen – were not in the updated performance – a move I agree with since it took attention away from the foot-high puppets and their dark-clad performers on a variety of imaginative mobile stages.

This production was one of only two recipients of a Jim Henson Foundation grant last year and Austin’s KLRU public television’s eclectic Arts in Context program will screen a documentary of “Once There Were Six Seasons” in August 2014.

Read more about this wondrous play on Glass Half Full Theatre’s website.

Additional links

Austin Chronicle:

Austin American Statesman:

Dr. Dave:

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Allison Maupin – Conducting Debut

May 22, 2014 2 comments
Allison Maupin conducting her composition "Rhythm and Fusion"

Allison Maupin conducting her composition “Rhythm and Fusion”



Bob Kinney Words & Photos

Allison Maupin made her conducting debut during the Spring 2014 Concert of the Waterloo Wind Band May 18 at the acoustically wonderful St. Martin’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in downtown Austin. Maupin, an Austin native and a University of Texas music graduate who plays a variety of wind instruments, is a member of the youthful 40-member troupe along with her father Patrick who plays the tuba.



Maupin stepped away from her first row performance chair and took the baton from Guest Conductor Robert Laguna to conduct “Rhythm and Fusion” – an original composition of hers – that was performed for the first time before an audience. Waterloo Wind Band trombonist Michael Mikulka also premiered and conducted his “Through the Icy Dawn” composition during the concert.


Laguna talks about conducting during intermission Laguna talks about conducting during intermission


Other compositions in the 90-minute concert included John Philip Sousa’s four-part “People Who Live in Glass Houses” fanciful exploration of the variety of alcohol drinks – Bjork Gudmundsdottir’s “Overture from Dancer in the Dark” that was arranged by Conductor Laguna – the jazzy “Blue Shades” by Frank Ticheli – and, Richard Rodgers’ booming “Victory at Sea” that I first heard as the theme song for the television series of the same name on my family’s black and white television in the late 1950s.




Bob Kinney Words & Photos

Aside from Allison’s wonderful performance as an oboeist and conductor, other highlights of the night include Laguna’s touching talk about the technique and joy of conducting with a young boy – who said he was infused by music. Basically, Laguna said, just move your body with the music. He invited the youngster to conduct the final piece of the concert with him but the boy eventually declined. I am pretty certain the young conductor-to-be will accept the next offer.



St. Martin's Sam Sullivan

Soundman Robert

Laguna’s words to the boy reminded me of “Solo Symphony,” the wonderful exploration of How Conductors Dance while Conducting Orchestras that Austin dancer treasure Allison Orr who heads the imaginative Forklift Dance Works presented with the brilliant Austin Symphony Director Peter Bay at the Long Center in 2012.




Waterloo Wind Band
will perform again this fall. Austin Folks – Please Experience this Wonderful Ensemble then.


Basket of Liquor presented to Conductor Richard Laguna underscored performance of John Philip Sousa's four-part "People Who Live in Glass Houses" during Spring Concert

Basket of Liquor presented to Conductor Richard Laguna underscored performance of John Philip Sousa’s four-part “People Who Live in Glass Houses” during Spring Concert

Musical Friends

Musical Friends

Bob Kinney Words & Photos

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Tom Grrrl Christens the New Downtown Austin Cheer Up, Charlie’s venue

April 3, 2014 1 comment

Been shooting energetic drummer Rachel shows with her different Austin bands for many years and – most recently – with electric guitar wizard Danny in their blistering duo band “Tom Grrrl.”

Rachel and Danny’s March 29 debut performance in the new location for the young but rapidly becoming iconic Cheer Up Charlie’s gathering center was the best by far I have experienced from my friends.

Hope these photos will bring you into the Tom Grrrl Family. It’s a Lot of Fun. Enjoy.

Please check out my previous Website Post about Tom Grrrl…-december-2012/

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Bob Kinney Photos of Not SXSW 2014

March 25, 2014 1 comment

Goggling NotSXSW & you found yourself on my 2014 website?
Plan to post my NotSXSW 2015 Favorites in February — please start checking back then —

Here are photos I took of my favorite singer-songwriter – bands during NotSXSW 2014 here in South – East – and North Central Austin from March 12 thru 16.

David Olney & Sergio Webb –
Sublime Shows of Powerful Words and Great Guitar Picks

Peelander-Z – Peelander is Fun – is their motto – lots of photos posted since their show is so Visually Fun – especially when kids are there.

Mike Stinson at Maria’s Taco Express – Most welcomed LA transplant to Austin though he lives in Houston – Great wordsmith who gives new literary meaning to “pregnant pause” before pause in a favorite “Got No One To Drink With Anymore” song.

Irene Kelley – thanks to Mary Sack for turning me onto Irene and her Pennsylvania Coal album.

Rod Picott – thanks again to Mary Sack for encouraging me to listen to Rod. Real Country with a Touch of Welding in a welcoming personality and comfortable stage presence.

Amanda Pearcy is a Transplant Treasure now in Austin for several years. She has put together the best band I have seen play with her – by far. When John Conquest of Third Coast Music magazine names Amanda’s album “Royal Street” the Best of 2013 that means a lot … and then some!

More Not SXSW 2014 music photos after photos of Peelander-Z kids show

Amanda Pearcy

Amanda Pearcy

Amanda Pearcy's "Royal Street" is Best Album in 2013 - John Conquest

Amanda Pearcy’s “Royal Street” is Best Album in 2013 – John Conquest

Mary Sack promotes Great Musicians

Mary Sack promotes Great Musicians

Huggy Tiger joins Peelander-Z

Huggy Tiger joins Peelander-Z

Peelander Pink on Center Stage

Peelander Pink on Center Stage

NotSXSW2014 – Photo 14-cNotSXSW2014 – Photo 14-dNotSXSW2014 – Photo 14-eNotSXSW2014 – Photo 14-f
Here is the Mike that Peelander-Z  asks about - Where's Mike?

Here is the Mike that Peelander-Z asks about – Where’s Mike?

NotSXSW2014 – Photo 14-h
Chris - new Peelander-Green - is best Peelander drummer I've seen - Last Stop > Drummer in a Christian Metal band.

Chris – new Peelander-Green – is best Peelander drummer I’ve seen – Last Stop > Drummer in a Christian Metal band.

Peelander Yellow is a gifted artist as well as a musician. Check out his murals at Hole in the Wall ... and Peelander t-shirt designs.

Peelander Yellow is a gifted artist as well as a musician. Check out his murals at Hole in the Wall … and Peelander t-shirt designs.

Peelander Pink - Center Stage

Peelander Pink – Center Stage

NotSXSW2014 – Photo 14-lNotSXSW2014 – Photo 14-m
Peelander Is Fun

Peelander Is Fun

NotSXSW2014 – Photo 14-o

NotSXSW2014 – Photo 14-p

NotSXSW2014 – Photo 14-qNotSXSW2014 – Photo 14-rNotSXSW2014 – Photo 14-sNotSXSW2014 – Photo 14-tNotSXSW2014 – Photo 14-uNotSXSW2014 – Photo 14-t

NotSXSW2014 – Photo 14-v



NotSXSW2014 – Photo 14-xNotSXSW2014 – Photo 14-yNotSXSW2014 – Photo 14-zNotSXSW2014 – Photo 15-a


NotSXSW2014 – Photo 16-1NotSXSW2014 – Photo 16-2NotSXSW2014 – Photo 16-2 NotSXSW2014 – Photo 10-2

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Austin Alternative NotSXSW 2014

March 8, 2014 1 comment

You can experience great music shows without being surrounded by SXSW hipsters clogging up downtown Austin streets that are covered in corporate slime every March

Launched some years ago by John Conquest – perceptive music writer and editor of Third Coast music magazine – NotSXSW is held each March during the same time SXSW is doing its thing north of Lady Bird Lake. Held in South and East Austin, NotSXSW has the same vibe SXSW had in its early years before the record companies, other corporations and C3 booking turned it into what it is now.

NotSXSW shows by two of my favorite musicians – David Olney and Peelander-Z – are followed by day-to-day recommendations of great music to experience.

John Conquest’s full listing on NotSXSW shows –

All shows are free and – like our NotSXSW iconic slogan proclaims – “You Don’t Need a Stinkin’ Wristband.”

John Conquest founded and guides NotSXSW every March.

John Conquest founded and guides NotSXSW every March.

Bob Kinney Words & Photos

David Olney and Sergio Webb – One Day Only Thursday March 13

Once you experience David and Sergio you will return again and again

Once you experience David and Sergio you will return again and again

I’ve been a Big Fan of David and Sergio for many years. David’s songs really are short stories & his stage presence will blow you away while Sergio’s amazing guitar work complements David’s words so well.

3 Songs on David Olney Website
Postcard from Mexico – Go Down Dupree – Jerusalem Tomorrow

Sergio slated to go on solo at 3pm & David & Sergio together at 4pm as part of Conquest’s new East Nashville Special Day at G&S Lounge from 1pm to 1am.
David and Sergio will then play at Giddy’s Up’s bar a short drive south in Manchaca from 6 to 7pm

In all my decades of experiencing music there is nothing like a Peelander-Z show. You look around and see everyone in the audience with a Big Ass Grin on Their Face from first song to last.

Peelander brings a Big Smile to kids of all ages

Peelander brings a Big Smile to kids of all ages

For Very Family Friendly the Best Option is Peelander’s annual Mad Tiger Fest Sunday March 16 at Kenny Durham’s Backyard on 11th Street next to Victory Grill from noon to 5pm. About one hundred kids will be in front of the stage admiring the creative craziness of those four adults on stage. Opening for Peelander will be the Octopus Project – Anthrr.p.s. Arts All Stars (NAME) – and the McCallum High School Samba Nights.

The Peelander-Z Family

The Peelander-Z Family

Selection of Music Videos on Peelander-Z website

Other Peelander Shows

Chicken Ranch Records Showcase at Valhala on Red River – 21 & over – Tuesday March 11 with Peelander going on about 11pm

Ranch by Chicken Ranch show at Hole in the Wall on Guadalupe Wednesday March 12 from noon to 7pm with Peelander on about 6pm – all ages

Peelander plays around 4pm Friday March 14 at the Grackle on East 6th – it’s usually pretty crowded.

In addition, Peelander is taking part in a music benefit for cancer-stricken children at Fader Fort on East 7th Street Friday March 15 around 11am – $25 donation requested.

Other Great Musicians

Amanda Pearcy – winner of John Conquest/Third Coast Music’s Best Album in 2013 “Royal Street” – at several venues throughout the week –

Amanda Pearcy - heartfelt songs

Amanda Pearcy – heartfelt songs

Mike Stinson at Little Longhorn Friday March 14 @9pm

Mike Stinson welcomes the New Year at Ginny's Little Longhorn

Mike Stinson welcomes the New Year at Ginny’s Little Longhorn

Bill Kirchen
– Master of the Telecaster – at G&S Lounge Saturday March 15 @6pm

Bill Kirchen - from Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen up to present day - still drivin' his Hot Rod Lincoln

Bill Kirchen – from Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen up to present day – still drivin’ his Hot Rod Lincoln

John Fullbright
at G&S Music Room Saturday March 15 at 6:30pm

please read my post link about the Wonder of John Fullbright. Woody Guthrie Smiles.

please read my post link about the Wonder of John Fullbright. Woody Guthrie Smiles.

Bob Kinney Words & Photos

Day-by-Day Recommendations

Wednesday March 12

La Snacks – Austin band who just celebrated their tenth anniversary – plays at Cheer Up Charlie’s on Red River @8pm

One Good Lung – Austin band – plays Heavy Metal Parking Lot at Lost Well 12:45pm – $12

G&S Lounge – Ray Bonneville @8pm – Gurf Morlix @9pm

Amelia’s – Hank & Shaidri Alrich @ 1pm – Bob Cheevers @3pm

Dogwood Club James McMurtry 11am – Jon Dee Graham noon – Los Lonely Boys 4pm – Billy Joe Shaver 6pm – Dave & Phil Alvin 6:55pm

Thursday March 13

My neighbor Merideth’s band – Coeds – plays the DC versus World Party at New Movement Theater 616 Lavaca @5:30

David Olney and Sergio Webb in Austin today only – see near top of this post for times.

John Conquest has put together a show of musicians from East Nashville – scene of a burgeoning Americana scene much like Austin’s – for the first time. One hour shows beginning with Chuck Mead at 1pm and concluding with Beth Lee & The Breakups twelve hours later. Lineup at LINK to John’s Thursday listings.

Brennen Leigh & Noel McKay at G&S Music room @noon

Leeann Atherton at Amelia’s @4pm

Amanda Pearcy at Giddy Up’s @9pm

Betty Soo at G&S Music Room @10:30pm

Friday March 14

John Conquest’s annual Tribute to Women Musicians from noon to midnight at G&S Lounge and Amelia’s and Giddy Up
Bob Favorites – Brennen Leigh at Amelia’s @2pm – Amanda Pearcy at Giddy Up’s @6pm – Teri Joyce & The Tagalongs at Giddy Up’s @8pm – Amanda Pearcy at G&S Lounge @9pm – Betty Soo at G&S Music Room @10:30pm

Mike Stinson at Little Longhorn @9pm

Saturday March 15

G&S Lounge – Roy Heinrich & The Pickups @noon – Jim Stringer & The AM Band @1pm – Bill Kirchen @6pm

G&S Music Room – John Fullbright @6:30pm

Giddy Up’s – Brennen Leigh & Noel McKay @7pm – Teri Joyce & The Tagalongs @8pm – Roy Heinrich & The Pickups @10pm

One Good Lung plays at Whoopsy Fest in Nomads @1am – $??

Sunday March 16

G&S Music Room – James Hand @7:30pm
Amelia’s – Teri Joyce @2pm
Whip In – Amanda Pearcy @ 12:10pm – Gurf Morlix @2:30pm

Other Free Shows

Grand Ole Austin Friday March 14 at Maria’s Taco Express

South by San Jose 2014

Threadgill’s South

Bob Kinney Words & Photos

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“The Crapstall Street Boys” – A Trouble Puppet Marvel

March 4, 2014 1 comment
Chris Owens Photo

Chris Owens Photo

Having experienced “The Crapstall Street Boys” Trouble Puppet Show during Frontera Fest several months ago in Austin, I was looking forward to the fuller 90-some-minute version of the Connor Hopkins creation that opened Feb 20 and concludes the next two weekends in March – Thursday to Saturday 6 thru 8 and 12 thru 15 at 8pm, as well as a Sunday March 9 show at 6pm.

Bob Kinney Words & Chris Owens Photos

The heartfelt and cleverly staged play focuses on You Lad (puppeteered by Caroline Reck), the unfortunate son of so-called parents who did not even bother to name him and are only in his life for the money they can get.

Set in a grimy industrial town in the UK where what’s best for the ever-domineering Torch & Pitchfork Corporation LLC is forced upon those who labor within it, the play opens with You Lad cuddled on his sparse blanket on the floor in a dirty corner of the family living room – sadly his bedroom.

You Lad’s pitiful parents decide to limit his already meager meals to cut down on family expenses. Little Pig (puppeteered by Noel Gaulin) – the only playmate who resonates with him – one day is gone. Word in the neighborhood is that the Monsters must have taken him away.

Trouble Puppet Photo

Trouble Puppet Photo

You Lad’s parents then sell him to the Torch & Pitchfork mega-factory for a few coins and the boy enters a new – even more depressing – existence where he is paid but then has to give back most of his sparse paycheck to the Torch & Pitchfork’s company store for uneatable gruel and sub-marginal lodging.

The factory boys work long shifts interrupted by a few hours of sleep and then it’s back to work day after day after day in the spirit of the corporation’s motto – “Hard Work is its Own Reward.” Failure to perform to the company’s unachievable standards results in the cruel Boss’ verdict – No Rations Tonight – time and time again. You Lad discovered his lost friend Little Pig is working in the factory.

Building on Trouble Puppet’s eerily beautiful production of Connor Hopkins’ “The Head” play last year where video and noise abounded, this performance includes grainy camera shots and a variety of instrumental music and factory noise.

I leave how the play unfolds and concludes to your viewing before “The Crapstall Street Boys” closes March 15. I promise – you will be smiling when you leave. While the play is unrelentingly grim – it does end on an uplifting and joyously explosive moment when the boys finally win and are free.

As a journalist, I especially enjoyed the depiction of television “journalism” Torch & Pitchfork-style where the message is always the same (aka Fox News’ daily Talking Points) and the newsroom’s clocks remain out of sync.

Bob Kinney Words & Chris Owens Photos

Chris Owens Photo

Chris Owens Photo

Trouble Puppet Website

Events Pages


Folks who made this possible –
Puppeters –
Caroline Reck – Dallas Tate – Elyce McMaster Lahay – Gricelda Silva – Jose Villarreal – Nathan Lahay – Noel Gaulin – and, Travis Bedard

News Anchor/Torch & Pitchfork Spokesperson –

Connor Hopkins
Narrator – Caroline Reck
Artistic Director, Author, Set Design, Puppet Design, Director & Lead Builder – Connor Hopkins
Media Design and Integration, Sound Design –
K. Eliot Haynes
Producing Partner, Front of House, Media Board Operator
– Kathryn Rogers
Stage Manager – Samantha Accettulli
Costume design – Lucie Cunningham (puppets) and Jennifer Davis (puppeteers)
Light Board Operator – Kim Soriano

Bob Kinney Words & Chris Owens Photos

Chris Owens Photo

Chris Owens Photo

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