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Real Women Play At Ten … Make That Eleven! … thanks, Rachel

September 25, 2011 2 comments

Hell’s Belles Return to Rock the Continental Club Thursday, Oct 13, 2011

Post below covers Hell’s Belles’ Debut at Continental Club 2010 – Melodie no longer the drummer & Jaime not vocals

Experiencing the Hell’s Belles for the first time during their Continental Club show on April 24, 2010, in Austin, I also got blown away by their oneness with the folks who came to see them.

Hell's Belles - Adrian, Lisa, Jaime, Melodie & Mandy

It was a backflash to 1969 when I first saw Led Zeppelin touring the US on their first album – the joyous moment when you become overwhelmed by the music of a band you’ve never seen in person. And … they Kick Awesome Butt!

Jaime & Adrian

Hell’s Belles, the energetic, five-woman AC/DC tribute band that performs the Aussie band’s songs with a fury, precision and stage presence that enhances with honor the Australian hard rock & metal legend whom they have opened for and been endorsed by Angus Young seven years ago as the world’s best AC/DC tribute band. The Belles’ band includes two Austin women – Adrian Conner, lead guitar and vocals, and Melodie Zapata, drums – and three Seattle area women – Jaime Nova, lead vocal, Mandy Reed, bass, and Lisa Brisbois, rhythm guitar.

“Listening to punk rock at an early age gave me the balls to play guitar no matter what all those dopey boys said.” – Lisa

“I didn’t really get serious with the guitar until I was 16. That’s when I first heard Led Zeppelin.” – Adrian

all Bob Kinney photos


Jaime Nova’s tee-shirt had a head/chest photo of Motorhead’s Lemy looking straight at you while giving you the finger. Beneath the photo reads “Speed Kills.” The Hell’s Belles well-designed and loaded website ( tells the story of Nova stealing the sweaty boxer shorts of Angus Young when the Belles opened for AC/DC at the Tacoma Dome in Washington state. Jaime gave the boxers to Adrian, who is Angus in the Belles.

Here comes Adrian

Adrian Conner (who plays with drummer Melodie and Heather Webb, bass, in the Austin band Adrian and the Sickness – – they  opened the Continental show) delivered a blistering  performance of screeching guitar punctuated with her swirling dreadlock hair while at all times being Totally On. Dressed school-kid like Angus but wearing a short skirt and, at times, stripped down to a black running bra, Adrian replicates Angus’ moves while making them her own as well.


Adrian's athletic legs constantly create wonderful shuffle stop/start steps, leaps & spins and duck walks much like Angus does

Melodie enjoys Peelander-Z in her spare time

Two Seattle area women – Amy Johari and Amy Stolzenbach – founded Hell’s Belles in 2001 inspired by a mutual devotion to AC/DC and their commitment to leveling the rock and roll gender playing field. The current five members joined the band in the early and mid 2000s and the original two have gone on to other bands.

Chuck & Angus Smile

Adrian and The Sickness - Heather Webb, bass, and Melodie & Adrian

Gettin' Down with Arcie Cola and Adrian

While Adrian's Guitar Gently Weeps

Many thanks to Arcie Cola, a keen Austin observer, for turning me on to Adrian and the Sickness and insisting I come to the Hell’s Belles show.

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