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May 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Peelander Z – Family-friendly show March 18 4pm – at Springdale Farm 755 Springdale (two blocks north of East 7th Street) in East Austin.

Peelander Is Fun – that’s the slogan of Peelander-Z, a New York City-based Japanese Action Comic Punk Band who has been constantly touring since forming in 1998. Each of the three band members has a stage name matching the color of his outfit – Peelander Yellow <guitar>, Peelander Red <bass> and drummer Peelander Green. Although the script of each show is roughly the same every time, each performance is uniquely … Fun.

Peelander Yellow likes to jump offstage during an outside show and run around cars in the nearby street while continuing to sing. The band sets up large bowling pins in the audience and a bandmate rolls another into the pins. A sign “Bass Player Wanted” is held up onstage and someone in the audience climbs up, is handed the bass and plays with the band while Peelander Red leads the audience in a limbo dance. Look around and everyone is smiling widely throughout the show.

During their September 2009 show at Austin’s Red Seven, I saw something I had never seen before. While many punk shows include a band member getting passed around the mosh pit <see the Peelander Yellow photo>, Peelander Red took it further – much further. Red stepped onto the shoulders of fans clogged up against the stage and walked several yards toward a rafter. He then shimmied up a pole, climbed onto the rafter, flipped over and hung upside down while playing the bass.

Peelander Is Fun!

Bob Kinney photos

Bob Kinney photos

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January 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Bi-generational Punk Music

An intergenerational friendship based on music and forged over 24 days playing 20 shows from Portland to Chicago and New York to New Orleans – was living large onstage on 7.11 in 2009 as the Germs, pioneer LA punk band of the late 1970s now reborn with a new lead singer, and Krum Bums, an always-on, 10-year-old multi-ethnic band from Austin, concluded their summer tour at Red 7 club in Austin.

Singers Shane & David

Although I have yet to tour with a band and come to the end of long road trip to play in that band’s hometown, the affection awash on Red 7’s outdoor stage was rare and wonderful. Each band played the other’s songs during the two sets … members of one band came onstage to join the other band playing one of their songs … bands switched tee shirts … and you got the feeling this vibe was present for most road shows in June and July 2009.

More photos from the Germs & Krum Bums July 2009 concert in Austin can be seen on the Germs MySpace –

Lorna & David

Austin 7/11/09 photos are in the third album on the pics page.


The Germs zoomed to the top of the LA Punk Scene as the Krum Bums musicians were being born in the 70s. Germs – Lorna Doom on bass, Pat Smear – guitar, drummer Don Bolles and Darby Crash singing. From what I’ve read and talked about with folks who experienced the Germs in the late 70s, Darby drove the Germs and then crashed them into a wall. It fulfilled his dream – form a band, experience great success quickly and then purposely extinguish the band by deliberately overdosing on heroin he knew to be potent. His girlfriend survived their death pact. Crash, age 22, did not. Germs Live at Whisky, a poorly-shot film of a 1979  Germs LA concert before his death, sadly shows Crash drunkenly reeling around the stage while increasingly taunting the audience. Near the end, no LA club would book the Germs.

Another film led to the rebirth of the Germs. What We Do Is Secret – a 2007 film about Crash and the Germs’ ascent to the top of the Hollywood punk and hardcore scene – led to the rebirth of the Germs. It featured actor Shane West portraying Darby. During the film’s wrap party to celebrate the end of filming, the three surviving Germs decided to reform the band with West as singer.

Lone Star sprays Krum Bums

Krum Bums

Recipient of the 2008 Austin Music Award for Best Punk Band, the Krum Bums are beginning their tenth year performing in Austin and across the country. In addition to the Germs, the band has toured with the Causalities and GBH in recent years.

Krum Bums are David Rodriguez, vocals – Trae Martinez and Justin Hall guitars – Ry Meyer on bass and – drummer Tommy Gonzalez.

Alysha Hernandez, a freelance Austin writer and blogger, wrote a nice profile of the band –

Bob Kinney photos

Final song of show

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