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The Wars of Heaven – History & Theology in Puppet Theater

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Trouble Puppet performers from left Gricelda Silva — Katy Taylor — Julie Moore.
Steve Rogers Photography

I know a lot about war – as you do, too
Since America was founded we have been at war 93% of the time – 222 out of 239 years – since 1776. America loves wars & our military spending every year dwarfs the rest of the world put together.

Trouble Puppet Theater Company’s brilliant presentation of “The Wars of Heaven” brings several wars from 2560 BC in Egypt up to World War Two in Stalingrad 1942 center stage at the Salvage Vanguard Theater 2803 E. Manor Road.
Show times are 8pm Thursday through Saturday and 6pm Sunday May 17 when the play closes. After Friday’s show there will be a backstage presentation on how shadow puppets are built and projected onto the stage screen.

Simply put – this is the most Historically and Theologically accurate exploration of what happened after God cast Lucifer and her Archangels out of Heaven. Turns out Lucifer and her warriors are involved in the same six wars against the Father’s warriors in the 60-minute performance – and both sides have moral doubts.

What happens when a Native American puppet sees the shadow puppet ships of invader Christopher Columbus sailing into his home waters is heartbreaking and so very sadly true. The next scene shows how their bucolic teepees rest upon the native land until one … then two … then more steepled churches pop up towering above their humble homes. I literally gasped – you should as well – to see the dramatic portrayal of what Christianity did – and really continues to do – to Native Americans.

After experiencing this wonderous blend of 1.5-foot-tall tabletop puppets operated by eight Trouble Puppet Theater performers – clever shadow puppet projections on the large screen at stage back – thundering music of war composed by Justin Sherburn – and the deft genius of Connor Hopkins and Dad of Clementine the two-week-old daughter of Trouble Puppet Director & Performer & Spouse Caroline Reck and Connor …

Thanks & Smiles to Performers Travis Bedard – Zac Crofford – Parker Dority –
Gricelda Silva – Ellie McBride – Julie Moore – Noel Gaulin – and, Katy Taylor.

The Wars of Heaven

Angels and demons are among us, serving God and Lucifer, fighting in our wars, upholding an ancient order. What happens when some of them begin to doubt the rules?

Part I of Trouble Puppet’s epic tale is a dazzling Miltonic saga, told through tabletop and shadow puppetry.

Tickets here

Wars of Heaven has gotten wonderful press, including national coverage in American Theatre magazine (“ethereal and epic”!) and articles and reviews in the Statesman (“dazzling visuals,” “A mixed-media hybrid, layering video images and multiple puppetry pieces to create a fascinating tableau with depth and texture”), the Chronicle, and It’s unlike any show we’ve done before.

Not created for children. Contains irreligious content, mature language, and violence (war). Probably OK for ages 12+.

Links to reviews of “The Wars of Heaven” play

· American Theatre magazine writes about TPT: Trouble Pupppet: They’ve Got the Whole Universe in Their Hands

· The Statesman admires WoH’s “dazzling visuals” and calls it a “mixed-media hybrid, layering video images and multiple puppetry pieces to create a fascinating tableau with depth and texture.”

· The Chronicle gets its think on: Trouble Puppet’s The Wars of Heaven, Part I

· Jeanne Claire van Ryzin blogs about the music.

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