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Blue Lapis Light aerial dancers warm up a frigid evening in Austin

December 7, 2013 1 comment



Blue Lapis Light aerial dancers in Austin have infused my creative soul since the first time I experienced them dancing off the 11-story J.J. Pickle Federal Building downtown after the sun set a few years ago.

The wonder of dance in the air instead of seeing bare feet move on a wooden stage created a Big Smile that has grown each time I experience Blue Lapis Light.

They describe their stage as a Site-Specific Performance Event with no roof … or stage floor … because they create their own space onsite.
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Bob Kinney Words & Photos

I always enjoy their performances on the Long Center’s backyard pillars with the downtown of Austin at night serving as the stage’s visual background that glistens across Lady Bird Lake.
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But … the evening of a frigid (for Austin) December 7 performance downtown – a highlight of the annual Christmas Stroll Along Congress Avenue – showed another side of Sally Jacques and her Blue Lapis Light Dancers who are Performance as well as Weather Warriors.
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According to Blue Light Lapis’ website – – Love’s Prayer “was inspired by the desire to create a dance with the intention of every movement, gesture and breath pouring love and beauty into the world.”

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Bob Kinney Words & Photos

With hundreds of shivering but happy and amazed folks of all ages standing on the closed-to-traffic Congress Avenue just south of the State Capitol and looking up to the top of the 20-story Congress 816 office building – the Dancers began their descent with graceful bounces off the building while intertwining with each other – in a 28 degree air chilled with a steady and somewhat bracing – for Texans – wind from the North that came from Canada in a burst a few days before.

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Folks watching the dancers were bundled up in oft-used true winter clothes this week – unlike the dancers who performed the same 20-minute show – “Love’s Prayer” – twice with a break to warm up before doing it the second time.
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A special highlight for me was a young girl near me yelling out “Be Careful” as the Blue Lapis Light dancers were nimbly bouncing off the walls of 816 Congress.
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Bob Kinney Words & Photos

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