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Honky Tonk Little Longhorn Saloon reopens in Austin

After being closed for repairs for three months, the new Little Longhorn Saloon opened Sunday Nov 3 with a overdue dose of Chicken Shit Bingo (CSB) with Dale Watson and His LoneStars playing real country as hundreds of folks came to dance inside and sit on new picnic tables in the parking lot surrounded by hot rods and motorcycles.
Ginny Kalmbach (pictured below center) has retired from overseeing Ginny’s Little Longhorn but will continue to host Chicken Shit Bingo on Sundays. Daughter Sharon pulls a pint.
Bob Kinney Words & Photos
Dale Watson and two other folks now own the bar – especially fitting because Ginny gave Dale his first regular gig in Austin and he returns the favor by playing during CSB when he is not on the road.

Dale and His LoneStars - Chris Crepps, Kurt Baumer, Don Pawlak and Mike Bernal

Dale and His LoneStars – Chris Crepps, Kurt Baumer, Don Pawlak and Mike Bernal

Bob Kinney Words & Photos
The size of the Longhorn remains the same inside but the layout is flipped. The stage is now on the east side of the honky tonk and a window onto Burnet Road has taken the place of the rusty air conditioner. A new pool table — the site of CSB atop a plywood board – is now at the west side. New ceiling fans and a remodeled bar with draught taps have spiffed up the place.
It was nice seeing old Longhorn friends on Sunday as we celebrated the growth of the best country honky-tonk in Central Texas.
A new website for the Little Longhorn Saloon will be online soon with an updated Facebook page as well.
It’s been quite a year for Dale and His LoneStars – appearing on David Letterman a few months ago, reviving the Little Longhorn Saloon and soon touring Australia in late November and early December.
Thanks, Dale for refashioning our Little Longhorn Saloon without losing its cherished Vibe.
Bob Kinney Words & Photos

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  1. DOUG
    November 5, 2013 at 6:39 am

    Bland decor, wide screen tv, more like a sports bar now , has lost its seasoning, charm and personality, another old Austin venue has bit the dust ! SAD !

  2. November 6, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    Give it some time, Doug …

  3. Slappy Slapperton
    November 7, 2013 at 3:39 am

    Soap Creek, Split Rail, Austin Outhouse, Liberty Lunch, La Zona Rosa, Antones (the 2915 Guadalupe location w/ Clifford) and now this….what happened. The town is no longer the “Groover’s Paradise” that Doug Sahm sang about. Sad. I respect what needed to be done, but It’s not the same, nor will it ever be….

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