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Tom GRRRL’s West Tour December 2012


Rachel finishing on strings


and a soulful hug





Having a soft spot in my heart for Women Drummers, I showed up early for Tom GRRRL’s West Tour Kick-off Show at Cheer Up Charlie’s in Austin the first day of December 2012. After seeing Rachel play with several bands in recent years, I was looking forward to seeing her and Daniel John for the first time. It simply was the absolute best show I have seen Rachel play … and the first time her smile matched her drumsticks.

Rachel is one with her drums in a fundamental and nicely obvious sort of way. The stronger she plays the better it is. For once, her band mate can match her intensity. Experiencing Daniel John – musically and visually – is something to behold.

If you live in any of the cities listed below – please go to their show – or send info to friends in those towns.

Email 12.2.12 from Tom GRRRL –

We’s are packing it up and getting away for a couple weeks.
Gonna see the sights. Hit the open roads. Try to make new friends. Meet up with some old ones while we’re at it.
Needless to say, we’re excited. Hopefully if we come to your town, you can make it out. Feel free to lend us any suggestions, booking contacts, or camping tips.
So far, the schedule is looking a little something like this…

12/01 – Austin @ Cheer Up Charlies w/ Clarkisha, Mom Jeans

12/03 – El Paso @ Lip’s w/ Shadows Who Overthrew Them, Man Your Stations, The Dismissal

12/04 – Tucson @ TLMS w/ Tinsels, S.L.F.M, Cypress Estrada

12/05 – Phoenix @ Rusty Spoke Bike Co-op w/ Dogbreth, Diners

12/06 – San Diego @ Til Two Club (21+) w/ Teenage Burritos

12/07 – San Diego @ Che Cafe w/ Watercolor Paintings

12/08 – Los Angeles @ VLHS w/ Summer Vacation, The Babies, Stoned At Heart, Hard Girls

12/09 – San Jose @ House Of The Dead Rat w/ Sourpatch, Tender Buttons

12/10 – Oakland @ Ménage Twat 8th and Peralta w/ SBST, Bitter Fruit and Pig DNA

12/11 – San Francisco @ 49 Allison St. w/ Crabapple, Void Boys, Ceramic Holiday

12/12 – Eureka @ TBD, or camping… Prolly just camping.

12/13 – Portland @ Laughing Horse Books w/ Heart-Veg

12/14 – Seattle @ 317 NE 58th w/ Zach Burba, Erin Birgy, Jacob Jaffe, plus more!!

12/15 – Olympia @ The Northern w/ TBD

Again, feel free to lend a hand with any dates that are not yet confirmed. We are open to suggestions and appreciate guidance where guidance is due.

See you soon!

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  1. December 5, 2012 at 3:21 am

    Wow, just wow!

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