Acro-Cats Return to Austin October 24-27, 2013 at Maricasa Theater in the old Lincoln Village

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Acro-Cats – A Wondrous Show for Kids of All Ages

Ever seen cats walk directly along a six-foot-high, elevated pole – jump through several different-sized hoops – push a cart with another cat in it – stand on a yoga ball while rolling it – or, bowl and play musical instruments?

i went to the first of the two trained-cat shows I enjoyed at the Austin Theatre in mid-September 2011 believing there’s no way you can train a cat – you truly cannot train a cat. I left with a two-hour Circus Cat performance dvd and a cat training kit convinced that … Yes, You Can … Train a Cat.

A talented chicken, groundhog and five rats join the ten Acro-Cats in a skilled and funny  75-minute show. Each animal performs her/his special show solo. Ring-mistress Samantha Martin introduces and describes each performer as s/he does its Special Thing.

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Following a bowling match between the Chicken and Tuna, the Lead Cat, the Rock-Cats conclude the show – playing a jam-like mixture of Cowbell, Guitar, Drums and Keyboards – with the Chicken pecking on Tambourine and Cymbal.

Cats respond to a single clicker command and are rewarded with treats. After the actors perform they hear a soft whistle and actively jump back in their onstage carrier where another treat awaits.

All Bob Kinney Photos

Find out lots more at – an informative and nicely-designed website with lots of photos and video and tour dates.

Yes … You Can Train A Cat.

All Bob Kinney Photos

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