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Peelander-Z’s mid-July Austin Visit – New album, Exhibit of Yellow’s art & Red-7 Show

Peelander-Yellow with some of his prints at Guzu Gallery

copyright Kengo Hioki

Bob Kinney Words & Photos

After enjoying the unique delight of a Peelander-Z concert many times in recent years and posting words and photos of their wondrous shows on this Austin Music & More blog, it was fun to discover another side of Peelander-Yellow, aka Kengo Hioki, the ringleader guitar player of the Japanese- American comic punk band from Outer Space … and New York City.

copyright Kengo Hioki

Kengo is a marvelous artist whose whimsical prints are on exhibit at Guzu Gallery in Austin through August 13, 2012. They echo Peelander-Z’s motto – Peelander Is Fun. The Austin Chronicle’s Kevin Curtis notes Kengo studied fine arts and printmaking in Japan and his “prints are made using hand-carved stamps depicting surreal creatures with his signature ‘happee’ affectations.”

Scores of folks filled the fanciful Guzu Gallery on Friday evening, July 13, to experience Kengo’s art and see him play an unusual acoustic performance. Although no electric music was played, the mood of the gallery performance mirrored the band’s concert shows – everyone of all ages in the audience had Big Grins throughout the show.

Peelander-Pink with Yellow

His Peelander-Z bandmates – Pink, Red, Green and Black – were on hand but did not perform. The band had just completed recording a new album for Austin-based Chicken Ranch Records at Ohm Recording Facility. The next night the band played a show at Red-7 in Austin before returning to New York City. I have experienced many Peelander-Z shows but their July 14 Austin show was the best I have seen – opening the show in space costumes with flashing helmets, performing a few songs from Z’s new 2013 album and bringing three young Austin musicians onstage at show’s end.

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  1. February 4, 2013 at 10:34 pm

    I personally question the reason why you branded this blog post, “Peelander-Z’s mid-July Austin Visit – New album, Exhibit of
    Yellow’s art & Red-7 Show Bob Kinney Austin Music & More”.

    In either case I admired the article!Thanks a lot,

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