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Sharing the Joy & Sweetness of Candyland at Wardenclyffe Gallery

It was a Magic Art Installation at Wardenclyffe Gallery in Austin on April 27, 2012. Ever play the board game Candyland?

Well – Austin artist Hannah Mcelyea joined Olivia Pepper, one of her Austin artist mentors, in creating a Wonderful Expression of Candyland.

It was part of the nifty Little Artist Big Artist collaboration that’s held every year here in Austin. It pairs a young artist with an older one to see what they can share and create. The Wardenclyffe creation was the only bit of installation art this year.

The Installation’s Artist Statement and More Information links follow

Artist Statement

“brought to you by little artist big artist.

“11-year-old hannah mcelyea and 29-year-old olivia pepper bring you dolce, an installation based on the candyland board game and the sweetness of youth. join us in the sweet world we’ve created and play candyland with us! cotton candy to be provided.”

Olivia credits Hannah with coming up with the Idea for Candyland and designing its whimsical space. Square chunks of color leading into & out of the exhibit space mirror how those colors are laid out in the board game.

More about Wardenclyffe Gallery

Scroll down a few posts on this first blog page to read about The Island Growing into Wardenclyffe

Wardenclyffe Gallery Websitehttp://wardenclyffegallery.com/


Installation Photos by Bob Kinney

Click on the left photo below and then press > to see more

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