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Peelander-Z For Kids of All Ages

February 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Peelander-Z to again present Show for Kids of All Ages

Sunday, March 18, 2012 – 4pm at Springdale Farm

 755 Springdale – two blocks north of East 7th St in East Austin.

Post below from inaugural 2011 show

Peelander-Z Show at Spider House in Austin March 20 — Simply put, it was the best show I have seen Z perform in the many years I have had fun taking photos of them.

Peelander has taken up the cape of the late James Brown as the Hardest Working Band in Music.

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Their kid-centered show capped a six-show run in Austin during Not SXSW. Sponsored by Toy Joy, Austin’s fun toy shop for folks of all ages, and Chicken Ranch Records, producer of their recent wonderful dvd for kids of all ages –”P-TV-Z Peelander-Z” — turned Spider House into a Kid-

Friendly space for 100 non-stop minutes of High Energy, Comic Theater, Kick Ass Music and the Joy of Experiencing Music through your Heart and Soul — not, as Peelander Yellow said, Your Ears.

The girl at bottom center of this photo impresses me. She is focused on Getting The Shot.

Most of the kids in these photos will be in bed for the upcoming April 28 show but they sure will remember what they saw at Spider House that afternoon of the Spring Equinox.

More Peelander-Z on both pages of this Austin Music & More blog

Peelander Website –

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Please Support The Island Growing to Wardenclyffe Gallery

February 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Olivia Mercury Pepper and Katie Rose Pipkin are creative artist friends of mine who like to share.

They reached their fund-raising goal in late-mid February so they will open Wardenclyffe Gallery in East Austin with Art Exhibits and Day Music Shows during SXSW and Not-SXSW

For Folks who don’t do facebook …

See Photos of The Island Last Party on Feb 19 Before We Move to Wardenclyffe Gallery in March 2012

Here is the promotional video Katie Rose shot and created for this fundraising drive.

Spend seven minutes meeting Island Folks — including me — who talk about what makes The Island so much a part of their creative lives.

Katie Rose to the left of Olivia in front of Katie’s art

They have transformed their home along the railroad tracks in NorthEast Hyde Park into The Island – where comfy living room couches in their backyard are clumped next to a quirky collection of typewriters that are across from a network of ponds and just in front of a step-up stage with an aged yet playable piano that stands ready to accompany an array of musicians who play at The Island.

All Bob Kinney Photos

Les Rav at The Island

Cups & Roses

 Interesting people fill The Island to listen to musicians, meet new folks and sip imaginative drinks from The Island’s affordable bar – all of this takes place under a wonderland of nicely designed strings of light that stretch between limbs of huge trees that canopy the backyard.

Everything stops when a freight train engine goes by slowly. All Island residents wave to the train’s engineer as s/he deftly toots back Howdy.

Party on The Island

 60s Old-School Light Show fused with gel liquid

Katie and Olivia have given so much in recent years to help us grow The Island. They need our support now to make it possible on a larger stage.

The two self-described Best Buds have found a bungalow along Springdale Road in East Austin where The Island will become Wardenclyffe Gallery with plenty of room to imagine and grow.

Please contribute as much as you can afford to the Wardenclyffe Gallery Kickstarter fundraising campaign or drop some money off at The Island.

Here is the promotional video Katie Rose shot and created for this fundraising drive.

Spend seven minutes meeting Island Folks — including me — who talk about what makes The Island so much a part of their creative lives.

For Folks who don’t do facebook …

See Photos of The Island Last Party Before We Move to Wardenclyffe Gallery

All Bob Kinney Photos

Olivia, left, and Katie Rose performing in their Private Lives Puppet Theatre show.

Personal Disclosure –

I first met Olivia when she began working at Wheatsville Co-op a couple years ago here in Austin.

Her former roommate Katie Rose is an incredibly imaginative artist who is finishing requirements for a bachelor of fine arts degree at the University of Texas in Austin. The Dwellers, a pen & ink drawing she created, was a joy for me to discover, buy and take home from the Black Lagoon art gallery. The Dwellers is me on my life’s journey now at 65 years. You can see me holding the framed The Dwellers drawing midway thru the Wardenclyffe video.

Since you are looking at this on my blog … thanks for being among the delightful woodland creatures  looking at me as I pass by on my journey.

The Dwellers by Katie Rose Pipkin

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Dave Alvin – Guilty Ones & Guilty Women

February 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Dave Alvin and the Guilty Ones return to Continental Club on Thursday May 31 2012

July 2011 post follows on this blog – then a post from 2010

Dave Alvin has run out of genders to name his bands but each of the three have two things in common – deft musicianship and a knack for melding with all other folks in the band – The Guilty Men followed by The Guilty Women … and now The Guilty Ones who stopped in at the Continental Club in Austin July 16 to play what Dianne Scott termed a “kick-ass show … in the Top Three of Dave shows” on her Continental Club e-newsletter.

Dave and Brad with Lisa pounding in the middle.

I have experienced each of the three Alvin bands over my years in Austin. This post is about The Guilty Ones debut here in Austin in mid-July during their current summer tour that is now in the Northwest.

Following this blog is a post I created after The Guilty Women played an album debut party in Antone’s Austin two summers ago. Three Austin folks were in that band. Lisa Pankratz drums – Sarah Brown bass – and, Cindy Cashdollar steel. A second post from the Guilty Women show at the Continental Club in 2010 concludes this post.

All Bob Kinney Photos

I have shot The Guilty Men and Dave’s vacation band The Knitters (with fellow X band-mates John Doe and Exene Cervenka) when I was still shooting film several years ago and will scan and post those shots later.

Three Austin folks make up The Guilty Ones.

Chris and Dave — back ‘n forth between them … ever since both were in The Guilty Men years ago.

Guitarist Chris Miller, recently back to Austin from the West Coast, is Dave’s equal … and then some. Chris gave back whatever Dave threw at him … and then some … during the blissful, two-plus hour Continental show.

The intensity of Lisa and Dave complement each other gently as well

In between the Guitar Thunder of Dave and Chris are two other great Austin musicians – drummer and Guilty Woman Lisa Pankratz and spouse Brad Fordham on bass. Both lurch forward with powerful solos while constantly nurturing the band’s solid rhythm beat.

Fourth generation Downey Guy has Austin vibe

Dave stopped by community fm radio station KOOP the following afternoon on his way to the airport. Miss Buttercup talked with Dave in the studio for sixty minutes (that went by too fast) for her Roses and Thorns weekly show on KOOP – 91.7 in Austin and on the web. Miss Buttercup’s show airs from 11am to noon every Monday. She will air the Dave Alvin interview on Monday, August 1.

Dave Alvin during interview in community radio KOOP studio

Miss Buttercup will air the interview she did with Dave Alvin on her Roses and Thorns KOOP Radio show Monday, August 1, from 11am to noon (central time on 91.7 fm in Austin or online at

Previous blog on Dave Alvin and The Guilty Women in Austin September 2009

Dave Alvin and The Guilty Women at Antone’s September 2009

I started listening to Dave Alvin about ten years ago. I discovered Alvin by listening to Austin’s iconic music dj, Larry Monroe (a big Alvin fan). Alvin’s writing and performing is simply unique and exemplary. About that time he recorded “Out in California” (early 2000s) a collection of songs he wrote and first performed with brother Phil and other Blasters band members in the late 70s and early 80s. The Blasters were LA hot rod cool and could have been in “Rebel Without a Cause” film had they not been born too late.

Bass Sarah Brown with the late Amy Farris. Dave’s new album Eleven Eleven includes a song he wrote for Amy – “The Black Rose of Texas”

Dave has recorded several albums since then – solo and with the Guilty Men and now the Guilty Women. Chris Gaffney, Dave’s best friend, played accordion and acoustic guitar in the Guilty Men with Chris Miller guitar (electric, slide and steel), Joe Terry who reminds me of an early 20s Jerry Lee Lewis, and Gregory Boaz on bass and drummer Bobby Lloyd Hicks. Dave Alvin would come to Austin a couple times each year to play mostly at the Continental Club with the Guilty Men. Memorable shows have grown in appreciation since Gaffney died in 2008. That ended the musical life between Alvin and Gaffney that may well be thriving again wherever good folks gather again.

Lisa Pankratz of Guilty Women and now Guilty Ones

Enter the Guilty Women. Six musicians who have played with Alvin around the country and beyond the last couple years. Three Guilty Women live in Austin – Drummer Lisa Pankratz, Sarah Brown on the bass and Cindy Cashdollar, lap and steel guitar. Each sets the standard for her instrument and we’re lucky to see them often in Austin. Remaining Guilty Women are Christy McWilson, vocals, Nina Gerber, guitar, and the late Amy Farris, violin. Farris, an Austin native who lived, performed and taught here before moving to the West Coast in 2003, died at her home in LA less than two weeks after playing at Antone’s in Austin September 2009 with Dave and the Guilty Women. Many of her former music students from Austin took part in an Amy memorial benefit show at Antone’s after her death.

Cindy Cashdollar – superb lap and steel player

Seeing the Guilty Men play with Dave was always a treat. But, as musicians and performers, I have to say – the Guilty Women play Dave’s songs better than the Guilty Men ever did.

All Bob Kinney Photos

Previous blog photos of Dave Alvin and The Guilty Women playing at the Continental Club in April 2010

Lisa Pankratz drums – Christy McWilson vocals – Sarah Brown bass – Cindy Cashdollar, lap and steel guitar

All Bob Kinney Photos

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