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Hell’s Belles rock Continental Club along Highway to Hell

October 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Hell’s Belles returned to re-rock Austin’s Continental Club October 13 –

picking up where they left off when they first blew the club apart in 2010.

Amber vocals - Adrian guitar - Mandy bass

All Bob Kinney Photos

Other photos of the 11-year-old AC/DC tribute band’s 2011 show follow. Check the next blog post after this for their 2010 show.

Amber came to Hell's Belles from Australia

Hell’s Belles – “The best AC/DC cover band I’ve heard” – Angus Young 2003 in Blender magazine.

(following text from the band’s website – “HELL’S BELLES are indeed ALL female, all the way to their rock-n-roll cores, all the time and without exception.


“Representing for a whole new generation of women that won’t be intimidated, HELL’S BELLES actively encourage our legions of lady fans to stand up and be counted, and collaborate with women musicians and causes as a part of the mission towards rock and roll inclusion.

All Bob Kinney Photos

“Not some down-your-throat feminism, but a proactive support and action spirit towards the continued march towards balancing of the gender scales.” 

All Bob Kinney Photos

Check blog post following this for their 2010 show

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