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Peelander Z – Family-friendly show March 18 4pm – at Springdale Farm 755 Springdale (two blocks north of East 7th Street) in East Austin.

Peelander Is Fun – that’s the slogan of Peelander-Z, a New York City-based Japanese Action Comic Punk Band who has been constantly touring since forming in 1998. Each of the three band members has a stage name matching the color of his outfit – Peelander Yellow <guitar>, Peelander Red <bass> and drummer Peelander Green. Although the script of each show is roughly the same every time, each performance is uniquely … Fun.

Peelander Yellow likes to jump offstage during an outside show and run around cars in the nearby street while continuing to sing. The band sets up large bowling pins in the audience and a bandmate rolls another into the pins. A sign “Bass Player Wanted” is held up onstage and someone in the audience climbs up, is handed the bass and plays with the band while Peelander Red leads the audience in a limbo dance. Look around and everyone is smiling widely throughout the show.

During their September 2009 show at Austin’s Red Seven, I saw something I had never seen before. While many punk shows include a band member getting passed around the mosh pit <see the Peelander Yellow photo>, Peelander Red took it further – much further. Red stepped onto the shoulders of fans clogged up against the stage and walked several yards toward a rafter. He then shimmied up a pole, climbed onto the rafter, flipped over and hung upside down while playing the bass.

Peelander Is Fun!

Bob Kinney photos

Bob Kinney photos

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