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Rookie blitzes O’Henry Pun-Off 2011 competitors

2011 O’Henry Pun-Off in Austin on NPR

Sunday edition show May 22

Great publicity for the Pun-Off in its 34th year.

First-time entrant Gracie Deegan of Austin won the Punniest of Show competition with a 90-second running pun on the current Middle East situation. Here is some of her energy

Veteran contestants were blown away with Gracie’s sharp punning and vibrant presentation. The 25-year-old missed a perfect score of 40 by one point.

It was Gracie and I on stage for the first round of the second  contest — “Punslingers” – where two punsters pun on a given topic within five seconds. We volleyed back and forth about “Bedding” about ten times before I was disqualified for repeating already said puns three times.

Gracie went on to reach the finals but lost to the defending champion Jacob Dodson, of LA. She was the crowd-favorite winner of “Punniest of Show” half of the Pun-off contest and came in third in “Punslingers.”

Nicer Still – Gracie’s debut happened on her birthday with family in attendance.

I told her later before we left that it was an honor to be bested by her. Odds are she’ll be awarded both trophies in May 2012.

Great Interview — Brian Combs interviews Gracie

O’Henry Pun-Off website

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