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Peelander Z – Family-friendly show March 18 4pm – at Springdale Farm 755 Springdale (two blocks north of East 7th Street) in East Austin.

Peelander Is Fun – that’s the slogan of Peelander-Z, a New York City-based Japanese Action Comic Punk Band who has been constantly touring since forming in 1998. Each of the three band members has a stage name matching the color of his outfit – Peelander Yellow <guitar>, Peelander Red <bass> and drummer Peelander Green. Although the script of each show is roughly the same every time, each performance is uniquely … Fun.

Peelander Yellow likes to jump offstage during an outside show and run around cars in the nearby street while continuing to sing. The band sets up large bowling pins in the audience and a bandmate rolls another into the pins. A sign “Bass Player Wanted” is held up onstage and someone in the audience climbs up, is handed the bass and plays with the band while Peelander Red leads the audience in a limbo dance. Look around and everyone is smiling widely throughout the show.

During their September 2009 show at Austin’s Red Seven, I saw something I had never seen before. While many punk shows include a band member getting passed around the mosh pit <see the Peelander Yellow photo>, Peelander Red took it further – much further. Red stepped onto the shoulders of fans clogged up against the stage and walked several yards toward a rafter. He then shimmied up a pole, climbed onto the rafter, flipped over and hung upside down while playing the bass.

Peelander Is Fun!

Bob Kinney photos

Bob Kinney photos

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Rookie blitzes O’Henry Pun-Off 2011 competitors

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2011 O’Henry Pun-Off in Austin on NPR

Sunday edition show May 22

Great publicity for the Pun-Off in its 34th year.

First-time entrant Gracie Deegan of Austin won the Punniest of Show competition with a 90-second running pun on the current Middle East situation. Here is some of her energy

Veteran contestants were blown away with Gracie’s sharp punning and vibrant presentation. The 25-year-old missed a perfect score of 40 by one point.

It was Gracie and I on stage for the first round of the second  contest — “Punslingers” – where two punsters pun on a given topic within five seconds. We volleyed back and forth about “Bedding” about ten times before I was disqualified for repeating already said puns three times.

Gracie went on to reach the finals but lost to the defending champion Jacob Dodson, of LA. She was the crowd-favorite winner of “Punniest of Show” half of the Pun-off contest and came in third in “Punslingers.”

Nicer Still – Gracie’s debut happened on her birthday with family in attendance.

I told her later before we left that it was an honor to be bested by her. Odds are she’ll be awarded both trophies in May 2012.

Great Interview — Brian Combs interviews Gracie

O’Henry Pun-Off website

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May 22 Bluegrass show will help Ted Branson

Thanks to You Folks who Helped Ted Branson

He received a new liver on Oct 14 in 2011 &

Returned to his KOOP Radio Show

“Under the X in Texas”

in January 2012

Tuesdays 9 to 11am web & 91.7 fm

Austin (aka Hornsby) Texas

Second Medical Fundraiser for Ted Branson May 22

The Central Texas Bluegrass Community is staging a show at Artz Rib House Sunday, May 22 from 3 to 9pm, to help KOOP DJ and veteran music promoter Ted Branson receive a liver transplant.

Twelve Bluegrass groups (listed below) will play half-hour sets at the legendary BBQ place at 2330 South Lamar.  Anyone wishing to donate an item for a silent auction during the show may contact Linda Branson at 791.0228.

The Austin Songwriters Group organized the first benefit to Ted at the Merle Haggard Birthday show at Threadgill’s on April 6. First blog post about that show is at the end of this blog post.

The Threadgill’s event garnered $9,000 – about one quarter of the money needed for the liver transplant and the necessary post-operation medications. Doctors found a cancer tumor in Ted’s liver too large to remove. A recent examination found evidence of another forming.

Medicare will cover the liver replacement costs but not six months of post-transplant medications ($4,000 a month) and then $300 a month for life after that. Ted is on the waiting list for a new liver but needs all the medication money in hand before the transplant can take place.

Ted Branson is the knowledgeable DJ of two KOOP Radio Shows (91.7fm)  – the eclectic Tuesday morning show  “Under the X in Texas” and in rotation on Sunday mornings  —  “Strictly Bluegrass.” Eddie Collins, of the Central Texas Bluegrass Association, scheduled the bands and will do the show’s sound. He and KOOP Radio DJ Singin’ Pickin’ Professor Rod Moag will co-emcee the show.

Linda Branson photo

The show lineup is –

Piney Grove Ramblers (3:00)
Air Cargo. (3:30)
Atomic Duo (4:00)
The Siekers (4:30)

Christy and the Plowboys (5:00)
The Steelhead Stringband (5:30)
Brennen Leigh (6:00)

The Carper Family (6:30)
Hem and Haw (7:00)

Ruby Jane and *Special Guests (7:30)
Billy Bright Trio (8:00)
MilkDrive (8:30)

Talia Sekons (The Lost Pines), Shaidri Alrich and Dayna Wills (yes – she is Bob Wills’ sister Helen’s kid) are among the other guest vocalists and pickers.

Can’t make it to the May 22 show?

Donate online via PayPal on the Chip In website

Prefer to support Ted with a cash or check donation?

Make check payable to Ted Branson Medical Account and mail to

Prosperity Bank

1610 West North Loop Blvd
Austin, Texas 78756

End of  May 22 Ted Branson Support Bluegrass Show Blog Post


First Blog Post about April 6 Ted Branson Support Show

Friends of Ted Branson raise 25% of medical money he needs during Annual Merle Haggard Birthday Party at Threadgill’s April 6

I have listened to Ted Branson on KOOP Radio shows for many years. His Tuesday morning “Under the X in Texas” is among KOOP’s – and Austin’s – best radio shows. His knowledge and love of many types of music is keen and heartfelt. I always learn something listening to each of his shows. If you regularly attend music shows in Austin, you’ve probably seen Ted in the audience – the big guy in a cowboy hat.

Coupled with pre-show donations, the Merle Haggard Birthday Party April 6 raised about $9,000 for Ted — about 25% of the $35,000 to $40,000 needed.

Lee Duffy, director of the non-profit Austin Songwriters Group, organized this year’s annual four-hour Hag Birthday Party on April 6 at Threadgill’s to help Ted receive a liver transplant and the necessary post-operation medications. Doctors found a cancer tumor in his liver too large to remove. They recently found another tumor.

Medicare will cover the liver costs but not six months of post transplant medications ($4,000 a month) and then $300 a month for life after that. Ted is on the waiting list for a new liver but needs all the medication money in hand before the transplant can take place.

A silent auction was held during the Branson & Merle Party at Threadgill’s South. Show cover was a suggested $10 donation – but many folks gave more.

Musicians performing Merle songs through the four-hour show ranged from Gurf Morlix, Redd Volkaert and Cindy Cashdollar to Elizabeth McQueen, Rod Moag (fellow KOOP DJ) and Floyd Domino.

Tax-deductible donations can be made online through the Chip In website via PayPal.

Prosperity Bank is handling the Ted’s medical account. Mail your check payable to Ted Branson Medical Fund to Prosperity Bank – 1610 West North Loop Blvd – Austin 78756. Cash donations can also be dropped off at that bank.

Find out more about Ted

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