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Goodbye, Hank Williams, My Friend.

Sometime around seven in the morning on January 1, 1953, Hank Williams died in the back seat of his new Cadillac headed toward Ohio for a New Year’s Day show in Canton that evening.

He reportedly had shot one or two hits of a blissful but eventually deadly blend of vitamin B-12 and morphine before he got in the car to head north. Morphine had eased his back pain for several months. A whisky bottle nestled against Hank’s leg when he slumped over and died of an overdose and heart attack.

“Goodbye, Hank Williams, My Friend. I didn’t know you but I’ve been the places you’ve been,” sang Tim Hardin in his mid-1960s “Tribute to Hank Williams” song. Hank smiles as Hardin sings with a melancholy I have yet to experience again. Exquisite and Soulful and Transcendent easily come to mind. His voice melds and shapes his words. You may have heard covers of other Tim Hardin songs – “If I were a Carpenter,” “Misty Roses” and “Reason to Believe.”

Both were brothers in addiction. Hardin turned on to heroin in Vietnam during the 1960s and it stunted his songwriting & singing until his death by overdose in 1980. Hank died twenty-seven years before after an amazing four-year career as the singer who defined country music and has yet to be matched.

Listen to “Goodbye, Hank Williams, My Friend”

Listen to Tim’s song “Lenny’s Tune” – a prediction of Tim’s Overdose

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