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Many Faces of Lips

Many Faces of Lips

Nearing their fourth decade doing what they love to do and finally getting paid for it, Anvil stopped by Emo’s in Austin midway through their Winter 2009-10 tour on January 25. Wide smiles filled both the stage and the audience who were comfortably packed together around the stage. Folks bounced around, pumped their fists and made it a fun show.

Lips – drivers license i.d. – Steve Kudlow – was singing songs through his face. I had fun shooting a great range of expressions throughout the show.

The following quotes that accompany the photos are from “Anvil: The Story of Anvil” – the music documentary film about the life of Anvil as a band since it formed in 1973 high school and toured relentlessly – then a bit less – for the next thirty-seven years.

Touring the US, Europe and Japan, Anvil has found the elusive Big Break. Metal To Metal!

Nothing like being in the face of your fans.

I love to entertain – it’s in my soul.

You’re in the same room as the people who love you.

The foundation of this business comes down to the fans – the people that love you. Without those people you really are nowhere.

Reality is that we are not getting any younger. Time doesn’t move backwards – it moves forward. You run out of time. You’ve got to do it now.

Everything changes to something else.

Most Important Things –


Where you have been.

Experiences you have had.

Music lasts forever.

That’s the Art.

That’s What Important.

Glenn Five

Robb Reiner - co-founder of Anvil

All Bob Kinney photos

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